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Best 10 Honeymoon Destinations in 2016

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Peace in the arms of nature in Koh Samui, Thailand.

What do you need other than seclusion, serenity, and peace in the arms of nature? Koh Samui, located in Thailand offers couples just that. Since it is close to the sea, their cuisine specialties include fish and seafood. It is wonderful throughout the year without worries. The best parts are the exclusive and private areas such as pools, retreats and are a good value for money place to visit. Fortunately, couples can get packages that include everything they can possibly expect, including good hospitality and secret gifts like decorating your room with flowers, fruits, and candles when you are out for dinner. They try their best to make you and your partner the most wonderful memories possible.

Luxurious resorts and beach houses, Byron Bay in Australia.

If you love luxurious resorts and beach houses, Byron Bay in Australia might be the one for you. There are lots of small motels and resorts that offer the required privacy and convenience. They are clean, classy and friendly as we might tell. You get complimentary stuff like snacks and coffee, free WiFi and most other stuff, although they are designed as cabins in the woods being in the vicinity of the white sandy beach. Their barbecue is perhaps the most famous and a must in the menu at most of these resorts and cabins. The beaches have been listed on the list of sexiest beaches in the world, nevertheless, and you can easily find affordable lodging within 200m from the sea.

Small, beautiful and lively atmosphere in US Virgin Islands.

A small, beautiful and lively atmosphere with a great number of activities is the Virgin Islands in the US. Of course, you don’t need a passport if you’re a US citizen. A general vicinity to the beach is a must for all the top rated resorts in the area, apart from hospitality. The spa is also an attraction of these Caribbean resorts and some places also include it as complementary in your package. The best timings are the ones that do not clash with the hurricane season, that is, a couple of months before October, or after that period. A pristine reef, a beach away from the crowd and you can jump to a place like Mango Bay that fulfills your wishes. The manager and staff are well trained at almost all the top rated resorts; however, the new ones are also worth trying if you feel comfortable.

Turks and Caicos honeymoon resorts around the Caribbean.

They include, usually, a bottle of chilled sparkling wine, turned down service of rose petals on the first night, and breakfast in the bed with fresh flowers one morning. Yes, these are complimentary with Turks and Caicos honeymoon resorts around the Caribbean. Beaches Turks and Caicos are mesmerizing with extremely white and glittering sandy beach that feels almost like paradise. Privacy and seclusion are also their pursuit amongst yoga, pilates, spa cottages and three-course meals per person that serve Caribbean exotic. It seems that non-motorized water activities are in demand around Turks and Caicos honeymoon packages. The Sands at Grace Bay is a particularly attractive part of Beaches Turks and Caicos.

Santorini, Greece destination of all honeymoon couples.

Have you heard of Fira? Ok. So, this is the Santorini, Greece destination of all honeymoon couples for their not so expensive and beautiful departure from everyday life. The best time is the summer and Santorini, Greece is overwhelming with options for couples and newlyweds during this season. However, if you like you could choose, a little off-season period for reduced expenses. A lot of these resorts and hotels have traditional architecture and a lot of steps that makes it really different from other places. The city center is about 5-10 minute walk from most of them, again because of their city layout. The cuisine is mixed and offers delicacies of continental and around.

Honeymoon and a romantic getaway in Saint Lucia.

A little more off the beaten path is Saint Lucia that offers a more alluring wedding destination, honeymoon spot, and a romantic getaway. You do not have to think twice about the food that is stupendous and offers all the luxuries of the Caribbean and USA. It is a little bit difficult to reach from US cities compared to Jamaica but it’s worth every bit of your time, once you’re there. They have the world famous Piton Mountains, lush rainforests, and black sandy beach to change your mood completely. It feels as if you are in another earth. It is so much happening that it is referred to as “Little Hawaii” quite frequently. The resorts offer a variety of packages apart from whatever you can explore on your foot and enjoy out there.

Majestic, urban and newer than tomorrow Dubai oasis.

The newer than tomorrow oasis, majestic desert, urban and chic atmosphere with the serenity of cold sandy terrain at night is what Dubai offers for all honeymooners. Is it something you would like to try? The food and cuisine are fabulous with specialties in its spices and non-vegetarian delicacies. Go out and hit the Dubai Mall with over 1000 shops until your legs don’t walk with you. Do not forget skiing on snow or on sand, and when you’re still up and kicking visit the gold market. These are some of the wonderful things to engage with apart from wonderful villas and resorts that provide exclusive packages for couples. The Burj Al-Arab offers the prominent view of the entire city being the world’s tallest building in a romantic dark setting beyond the horizon.

A getaway for honeymooners is Cape Town, South Africa.

A getaway in Africa for honeymooners is Cape Town, South Africa. You can choose from Cape Town Wine lands and Safari packages or Safari & Beach packages because they have everything from deep forests to beaches. The two major attractions that are world famous are Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. Visit Two Oceans Aquarium and drink the exotic wines of the area of vineyards like Constantia and Paarl. If you are not afraid of animals like baboons, ostrich, antelope roaming free, and like a wild chase amidst romantic getaway, choose this place undoubtedly.

Adventure of uncertainties in Myanmar (Burma) and Machu Picchu, Peru

If you want to feel the excitement of embarking on a journey, an adventure of uncertainties among the gorgeous nature around you, Burma, in Myanmar might just be the right place for you. Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and many like them to feel the place itself. The month before the onset of the rainy season is best for your visit. Another similar adventure is offered by Machu Picchu, Peru that offers the lifetime expedition of the “Lost City of Incas” from June to September.

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