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Tourism in Finland

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Helsinki (Helsinki Swedish) is the capital of Finland and the main town in the province of Uusimaa (Njaland). Provide urban areas where a variety of historical and cultural monuments, to explore the open air, the National Museum of Finland. Helsinki City Museum. Finnish art shows, brought together classical to modern art galleries; and three major theaters. Possible more popular in Helsinki on a semi-granite island on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland, facing the Baltic Sea. It has many islands and islets and rocky many small bays and inlets. Which can change the tourist temperament wonderful fresh air, tidiness.
North lights
For most people can see the north lights is wonderful will pass by in your life you will never forget. This curtain that covers the sky and the dazzling sight rarely seen from one of the wonders that can be Seen in Finland. You may see these lights in most of the southern regions of the country and the best area to see it clearly is Lapland.

In the north of the country can be seen between September and March, visitors can to see it very clearly if the sky is clear. There is a wide range of hotels in the north exist specifically for people who want to see the North lights.
Archipelago National Park
Founded Archipelago National Park (ANP) near Turku in 1983. These islands offer a very unique cultural mix of Finnish, Russian and Finnish influences Suedah.aldzr is a paradise for lovers of the open air. Which aligns the sea and the sky. Quiet air and sea static. Sailboats glide on the blue sky and clear water you can rent a tourist boat or boats or sailing vehicles and enjoy a tour of the sea and see the fish of all kinds. It comes to the island about 60 thousand people every year and this number is of no congestion in the park because of its size. The most important of the islands that can be had in this coast and enjoy it.
Savonlinna is the main town in the Lake District Finland. They are fabulous spa and resort popular holiday. Three huge round towers was built, and one of them, the church tower, a small church, still used for worship and weddings. The great fortress and a summer cafe. Moors most important that you should do that here are boat trips and enjoy the picturesque nature.

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