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Scotland .. is the travel destination tourist advanced tourism and is responsible for maintaining the 200,000 jobs from the service sector mainly, tourists spend an average of 460 pounds per year. In 2002, for example, made the visitors to the United Kingdom they have visited Scotland, including nearly 18.5 million visits and staying 46.5 million nights and spend approximately 306 pounds In contrast, the population of overseas visit Scotland million times in 1058 and 15 million to stay the night and spend 806 million pounds. The number of visitors from the United States 24% of the number of tourists who come to it from different places. And that make the United States the biggest source for visitors from abroad and then followed by Germany and France 9% 8% 7%, Canada, Australia and 6% Maitbaha from behind.

And look to Scotland as a destination clean and unpolluted views of natural, which has a long history, complex and considered complex to thousands of sites of historical attractions include these sites stone Aldathrey and standing and burial chambers of the Bronze and Iron Age and the Stone that still exist .oeugd also many castles, houses, battlefields, monuments, museums and historical. Which attracts many people to the culture of Scotland.


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